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Stephen C Smith Regatta

Every year, the Apalachee Bay Yacht Club, the Shell Point Sailboard Club, and the American Cancer Society organize the Stephen C Smith Memorial Regatta, which attracts hundreds of faithful and raises thousands of dollars for a good cause.  For more pictures go to the Smith Web Site.


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Dinghy Cruise

Pick the right day and one can sail dinghies on the open ocean to a local island, such as this trip to Gull Island.


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Low Tide

New and full moons can bring low (and high) tides to Shell Point, as can strong winds.

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Dinghy Regatta

Dinghy races are a regular sport at ABYC, involving all ages and all levels of talent. Here is an example from the annual Gobbler Cup Regatta, which always takes place the Saturday following Thanksgiving Day. In this particular regatta, questionable winds and unquestionable right-away rules add to the challenge.

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New Years Day - The Annual Frostbite Regatta

During the year, members of the Apalachee Bay Yacht Club participate in a number of other races using sailing dinghies. Because the dinghies are small, they are inexpensive and easy to sail. However, because of the close quarters and because sailing dinghies respond immediately to slight changes in the wind, these races are exciting and the results often unpredictable.

In the afternoon of each New Years Day, ABYC holds its annual Frostbite Regatta, the year's first race for dinghies. Immediately after the race, sailors and spectators alike get together for a New Years Day dinner.

Throughout the year, members sail their use their dinghies organized races and day cruises, but often one or two dinghies are seen sailing away from the crowd at Shell Point.

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Sailboat Races

ABYC sponsors PHRF races on many weekends throughout the year. Participants either race on their own boat or crew on the boats of others.

The photograph at the right was taken just before the start of the race at a recent Vice-Commodore's Regatta, which takes place each fall. This particular day involved very light winds, a condition that more than any other draws upon the skills of the skipper and crew alike.


Members cruise in power, sail, and paddle boats of one sort or another.  Going down the river is easier than going up.

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St. Marks River

Up the St. Marks River. Always a good place to cruise.

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Commodore's Ball

The annual Commodore's Ball, with camaraderie, good food, live music, and dancing is held in January or February of each year.. It is also a time to recognize the efforts of past commodores.

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Sunset at Shell Point


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